Way Assauto at Istanbul, Automechanika

Istanbul, Turkey – Way Assauto participated in the highly anticipated international trade fair, Automechanika Istanbul, and demonstrated excellent standing in the industry. The event concluded on July 11 and showcased the company’s commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and continued growth.

Automechanika Istanbul, one of the largest automotive trade fairs in the region, served as an exceptional platform for Way Assauto to connect with industry experts, potential partners, and customers while reinforcing its position as a prominent player in the BTT, Railways, and automotive sectors.

During the event, the company’s representatives engaged with numerous key industries, establishing and strengthening crucial partnerships across the globe. The company’s focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability impressed potential partners, opening doors for new collaborations and expansion opportunities.

As Automechanika Istanbul concluded, Way Assauto departs with renewed vigor, bolstered by the positive response garnered from industry experts and clients.