Last week, the City of Asti hosted a delegation from the City of Nanyang, with the aim of officially consolidating the collaboration between the two communities developed in recent years and promoting cooperation in various sectors, such as political, economic, commercial , the social, the educational, the cultural, etc. – confirming the long term relationship.

Way Assauto and Cijan, as precursors of the collaboration between Asti and Nanyang, participated in the promotion and organization of the twinning and, in particular, the Way Assauto plant had the honor and pleasure of hosting the mayors of the two cities and the full delegation of Nanyang.

The meeting represented an important moment not only for the two cities, but also for WAY ASSAUTO as it belongs to the CIJAN Group.

Both companies have established themselves in these regions of the world, contributing to the economic and social growth of our communities.

WAY ASSAUTO presented to the mayor of Nanyang both the factory and the team and shared the passion for the product and the attention to customers to provide excellent products.