Hiring: International (North & South America) Marketing Director

Job Title: International Marketing Director (North & South America)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Collect and study the relevant policies, market status and risk assessment of the international market (North & South America), and participate in the company’s international sales management decisions;

2. According to the strategic plan of the company, prepare the company’s international market (North & South America) strategic plan and the management plan for international business development;

3. On a regular basis, according to the development of the international market (North & South America), combined with the actual industry conditions, regional characteristics, and policy conditions, provide improvement proposals and promotion plans for the company’s international market;

4. Responsible for the company’s international (North & South America) market sales, specializing in the development and maintenance with American OEM market, maintaining government and partner relationships, integrating related resources, and promoting the company’s brand;

5. Responsible for international market (North & South America) team building by recruiting talents and providing for necessary training;

6. Responsible for the company’s product marketing, sales strategy formulation and performance achievement, carry out relevant business work and goal achievement according to the company’s needs.

Job Requirements:

1. Experience: 10 years or more experience in product development and project management of vehicle parts, preferably suspension-related parts, or experience in the sales of vehicles or parts in the international OEM market, with international marketing and marketing management capabilities;

2. Skills: Familiar with the relevant policies of the international market (North & South America), laws and regulations of relevant countries and the actual situation of the international market; familiar with the characteristics and development process of automobile and parts products, with knowledge of marketing, negotiation, process management, product sales, etc.;

3. Soft skills: good logical thinking and planning skills, interpersonal understanding and communication skills, and risk awareness. Possess a strong sense of teamwork, can work under pressure, and must be good at building and improving teams.

4. Nationality requirements: American

5. Work place: America

6. Direct supervisor: General Manager

7. Hiring process: 2-4 rounds of interviews

Salary and Benefits:

1. Basic annual salary + performance year-end bonus + performance commission;

2. Welfare subsidies such as housing subsidies, telephone subsidies, and transportation subsidies;

3. Competitive salary in the industry;

4. Paid annual leave (according to United States law).

Send your CV to careers@wayassauto.com if interested